A little crafty time


On Halloween day there was no school (woohoo!!) so a good friend and her son came to visit the farm. Our boys due dates were exactly a week apart. While neither arrived when they were scheduled to, they are now good buddies. Two two-year-olds…oy! But we had a great time catching up, eating yummy desserts and making crafts. After this fun filled afternoon, we have decided that crafting with our boys may not have been our best idea ever, but it was fun! I believe we only washed Josiah’s hands 25 times because he kept getting into the paint. That is a slight exaggeration, but only slight. We ended up with some pretty awesome projects.

The first project was a cute little button tree. Just a plain canvas, twig and buttons! I would love to do this again and jazzy it up with some text or colors of a season. It was very simple, and if your child doesn’t try to eat all the buttons (…Josiah…) it would be great!



Next we made some items for Christmas presents. Sorry Nana for the spoiler. We also decided that all those super cute hand prints from babies you see are Pintrest are complete baloney! Notice Char’s blobs. We tried. And Nana will still love them. She has to, it’s in the job description.


Lastly, We made these cool foot print frames. You start by filling your frame with sand. Then have the kids make foot prints, then fill the frame with plaster of Paris. Let it dry, then brush off the extra sand. I am definitely trying this again. Next time, I would use a fine sand (we used just regular, play sand). I would also make sure the foot prints are really deep and defined. I think you could also add in cool tidbits like shells or toys or memories to the sand.


It was a great afternoon and we can’t wait for our next two-year-old craft time!

Happy Harvesting,


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