10721276_10152453285394150_1697415311_n  Howdy Y’all!

I just wanted to share a bit about my weekend. I had a GREAT weekend. Don’t you love when those happen? When everything just works out. Having our crazy life of work-farm-kids-family-church-stuff, it often happens that we are just to busy to enjoy. But this weekend, I got to enjoy and it was wonderful.

We spent Friday evening going roller skating and out to pizza for my niece’s 4th birthday. I must start with WHO allowed this beautiful baby to turn FOUR?? I remember so clearly the day I found out she would be coming into the world… and now she’s not even a toddler, she’s a big girl! Ahhh! But she’s so fun and sassy as can be and I just love her. We went skating at the roller rink I grew up going to, and man did the memories start to fly. I had to quick text a good friend about my favorite skating memory. It was at a 7th birthday party (either her’s or mine, as we both had them at the skating center that year and the details of the exact day are a bit fuzzy). We had invited a little boy who had terrible balance. He informed us “Falling is the best part!” Hahaha, falling… classic. After skating we went for pizza at Pizza Doctor’s. This is one of the most amazing pizza places ever, and it was my first job as a teen! They have crazy kinds of pizza from brat & sauerkraut to spaghetti and meatballs to Oreo and peach cobbler. If you ever get the opportunity to try this pizza DO IT!!! They also have a delicious salad bar and great little play room. We got to have an adult conversation! It was fantastic!!


Check out those cool skates! They’ve gotten so modern since the tan boots of my youth!

Then on Saturday my very good friend and her son came to visit. They are currently living in Germany due to her husband’s stationing in the Air Force. She is really enjoying this, but I am not. I haven’t seen her since December so it was so good to catch up in person. And our boys got to play. We visited Pinter’s which is a pumpkin patch but also has lots of other entertaining games and activities. I think the boys liked the slides and goats and corn pit best. Charlotte even enjoyed the corn pit! It was a gorgeous day. We finished their visit with a quick horse ride which both boys thoroughly enjoyed. Their giggles while our horse trotted were priceless.

10726350_10152453285594150_2070455958_n10733476_10152453285234150_482438176_nI was tickling her…thus my random hand in the picture!

Sunday after church we took a little family drive through the country to look at fall colors then visited with Ross’s family at his dad’s house. It’s so nice to catch up with them too. Even though we live close together we don’t see each other nearly enough. It was just nice to relax, have some pizza and watch our little ones bond and play and fight and do what all good cousin’s do!

I also received two pieces of exciting news that I hope to share with y’all soon. But they both really made my day. It’s always a good feeling to get great news.

I hope you all had something to brighten your days this weekend.

Happy Harvesting,


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