101 Before 30

At a recent therapy appointment (yes, I see a therapist, yes, you should too!) my therapist suggested a life list idea for me. This this would be something to keep me motivated and excited about life. She suggested a 101 in 1001 list. This would be a 101 things to do in the next 1001 days. I switched it up to 101 before 30. This means 101 things before my 30th birthday. It is roughly the same amount of time, but I’ll remember when my birthday is! I know of these things might not fully happen, but I want my life to move in a direction towards them. A year is so short of time to accomplish many things. That’s why this list is better, giving me more time to remember, start and accomplish! I’ve decided I’m not going to officially start working on my list until the first of the year. I’d like to give myself some time to modify and edit the list. Let me know if you want to take this challenge and we can celebrate crossing things off together!

(P.S. my banner picture was taken by a relative of Ross’s. It’s our home at sunset! Isn’t it stunning?!)

1. Take Ross on a plane ride

2. Add a third child to our family

3. Run a half marathon

4. Have $1000 in every account and 0 credit card debt

5. Make perfect soup, 100% homemade

6. Keep my kitchen, bathroom and living room all clean for a whole month

7. Keep all my cloths put away for two months straight

8. Pray with my children daily

9. Learn how to do all the farm chores (and then do them!)

10. Train my horse

11. Grow a huge garden and keep it weeded

12. Raise 25 chickens

13. Go camping at 10 different state parks in Iowa

14. Surprise my husband with something awesome

15. Give a really unexpected gift

16. Make a real quilt

17. Write 100 thank you/hand written notes

18. Establish Harvesting Roots Family Farm

19. Get 100 blog followers

20. Redecorate my bedroom (including flooring!)

21. Finish basement

22. Learn to shoot a bow with my husband

23. Find a group of friends to strengthen my faith with

24. Do weekly devotions with my husband

25. Take a cooking class

26. Wear a size 16

27. Sing on a big stage

28. Finish 18 books

29. Have a recital for my voice students

30. Finish a workout DVD without wanting to die

31. Go on a motorcycle ride

32. Wear my prom dress to an event

33. Write a will

34. Swim in a waterfall

35. Watch a meteor shower

36. Learn to make lefsa

37. Visit & explore a city I’ve never been to

38. Get a facial

39. Take a road trip with some girlfriends

40. Buy a really nice camera

41. Learn how to use a really nice camera

42. Teach my husband to cook

43. Give a gift instead of getting

44. Visit an are museum

45. Visit a botanical garden

46. Drink 8 glasses of water a day for a month

47. Go to a Broadway show

48. Pay for the person behind me whenever I get fastfood alone

49. Good a recipe with 20+ ingredients

50. Get a passport

51. Have a monthly date night with my husband

52. Have one a week of NO technology for a month

53. Climb a mountain

54. Participate in a craft show

55. Donate a 3 month supply of something to a food pantry

56. Write a letter to my children every month for a year.

57. Make something out of leather

58. make the bed every morning for 2 weeks

59. Donate to Goodwill 5 times

60. Make and give 10 homemade gifts

61. Take my kids on a train

62. Learn to drive a tractor

63. Finish front yard design

64. Refinish a dresser for Char

65. Floss everyday for 2 weeks

66. Send a care package to someone who is deployed

67. Volunteer as a family

68. Volunteer as an individual

69. Vote for a presenident

70. Put money in a high yielding account for the kids

71. Eat only homemade/homegrown for a week

72. Do something new with my sister

73. Donate $1 for every item not completed

74. Keep my nails painted for a month

75. Get my legs waxed

76. Hatch a bird other than a chicken

77. Try 5 new foods

78. Give only small business/homemade birthday gifts

79. Learn how to can fruits and veggies

80. Always donate a dollar to the cause

81. Having a crafting day with my sister-in-law(s)

82. Do something new with my oldest niece

83. Take my daughter on her first waterslide

84. Learn how to chop wood

85. Make bagels from scratch

86. Start a tradition with my daughter

87. Swim in the ocean

88. Use all parts of my planner

89. Write letters to five influential people in my life and thank them

90. Plan a trip to Germany

91. Buy & organize a filing cabinet

92. Organize recipes

93. Organize address book

94. Send a “just because” package to 3 friends

95. Bring in random treats to work

96. Go on a picnic, rain or shine

97. Ride my horses at least once a month

98. Go to a live sporting event with my family

99. Take my Dad on a date

100. Take my son on a date

101. Make a list of 101 blessings in my life!

2 thoughts on “101 Before 30

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  1. Where’s my date? 🙂 just kidding, the list looks amazing Leah. Let me know where I can help you in achieving your goals!!!

  2. This is amazing Leah! There are many items on your list that I have up in “the cloud”, you are inspiring me to write them down to help me stay excited about this beautiful life we have been blessed with, especially during the winter..

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