This morning, my son was up before 5am. He was digging through the kitchen looking for Halloween candy until his daddy made him stop. He then did something naughty that landed him in the timeout chair which is located right outside my bedroom. So while I was trying to catch a few more minutes of rest I was awoken to the kicks and screams of a three year old who “WANT TO SORRY DADDY!!!!” Then, I had to get up and get dressed to go to work on Saturday. Not my favorite thing. So, when I finally climbed into my car, what I thought was dew on my windshield was quite ‘chunky’ and the fields I passed were covered in white. Not my favorite color to see…

Half way to work, on a backwoods, gravel road, I met a large ten point Buck. He saw me and ran down the embankment, jumped into the river and swam across. I thought, “Look, it’s Bambi!” Shortly after that I saw a large Bald Eagle soaring above a field, graceful as can be. And I thought, “Perspective.”

Instead of whining about how my day was starting I needed to turn things around and cast a little more perspective on the situation. I know too many people who are face really hard things in life right now. People who’s lots have been cast in the most dismal ways, and yet they remain so faithful and positive. I need to focus on the positive.

So let me re-write my morning. While my son woke up earlier than expected, my kind husband crawled out of bed early so that I could have a few more moments of sleep. I was awoken because again, my kind husband was being a diligent father and working to teach our son to be kind. He was providing the discipline needed to show my son how to be a good man. This same kind and caring husband then allowed me extra time to myself for a long shower. He did this by keeping our small ones occupied cleaning the living room. He was doing this in preparation for the guest I had invited over for dinner this evening. He will continue to show his love and devotion as he willing takes on single-parent duties so that I can go to work. I am thankful for a job that I enjoy. One that provides for my family and allows us to have better in life. I am thankful for a beautiful drive to work that gives me time to reflect and be in awe of God’s creation. I am blessed to have coworkers that welcome me each day, and greet me as a friend.

My life is good. I sometimes need to be reminded of that. Perspective. God has blessed me richly. He has placed people in my life who keep me humble and safe. He has given me children who are beautiful, smart and strong. He has made a partner for me, who knows me wholly and completely. He has provided for my every need. He has made my struggles few and my rewards great. Perspective.

wpid-img_20151107_085925.jpg wpid-img_20151107_085712.jpg

Happy Harvesting,


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