Getting ready… Part 1

As we all know Christmas is around the corner! And this year, as we prepare to welcome a new baby in between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I’ve been trying to get ready early!! Plus, we had a good amount of snow here in Northeastern Iowa recently, and the white world has got me in the spirit! So here’s a couple things we’ve been up to…
First, some pictures of my love nuggets sledding with Grandpa! They had an ABSOLUTE blast! I’ve learned country sledding is way better than city sledding. Four-wheeler vs. big hill!!

Next, hot chocolate reindeer! How cute are these little guys??

I just threw these together to add a little something extra to some Christmas gifts. Great for co-workers, kids or that someone extra on your list. I made these using Wilton candy bags, found in the cake making aisle of Wal-Mart. I used my favorite pre-made hot chocolate (remember, very pregnant over here!). I filled the bag just a little less than half full. I didn’t measure, just filled until it looked good. Then threw a handful of mini marshmallows on top. I twisted the bag and secured with a brown pipe cleaner. The bags have a purple label printed on one side. I tried to make the label land at the same spot is where I twisted the bag shut and this really covered it well. Lastly, I added some google eyes that were stickers and a little dab of red glitter glue for a nose. I do think pompoms would be way cute, but couldn’t find any red ones. Next time… They looked a little plain to me so I added the smile with a sharpie. I’m not sure if they kept their reindeer look, but it’s cute none the less, so it will work. Finally I just twisted the pipe cleaners to an antler shape. Quick, easy and fun!

Lastly, our Christmas tree! With having a three year old, almost two year old and newborn, the thought of putting up, keeping safe, and taking down a large Christmas tree was more than I wanted to take on. Judge all you want, it’s not happening! But… I’m not a total Scrooge. So, when I saw a cute little Christmas tree made from a pallet (thanks Pinterest!) I asked my husband if he could make it! My husband is a VERY talented guy and of course, he whipped one up for me! Isn’t it great?!

It will be perfect for my family this year and many more to come. I’m trying to decide how to decorate it now, so stay tuned for updates soon.

I hope you all are enjoying family, friends and loved ones this Thanksgiving weekend!!

Happy harvesting,

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