The Moments

The view out my front door this morning.

Today is my last official day of maternity leave. My heart is in mourning. This is my last leave if this nature. I’m not sure I’m ready to rejoin the “real” world. I’ve enjoyed the days of pajamas, mid-day naps, and day time TV. I’ve loved the extra time I’ve gotten to spend with friends and family. But the greatest gift has been building the bond with my fantastic four.
I’ve gotten to witness the silly sense of humor in my daughter. I’ve seen the genuine kindness of my oldest. I’ve watched the immense strength of my husband. And I’ve held the tender life of my baby boy.

Tired momma with a sleeping baby in the Baby K'Tan

I’ve let this tiny body dictate my days. I’ve let him keep me ‘nap-trapped’ cuddled under a blanket. I’ve awakening at every hour of the night to sooth his crys. I’ve given him my hours and my days. I am so lucky to do so!!
It’s the littlest moments that mean that most! You never know how fast time can go until you become a parent. I’ve been working to focus on the little things. Sometimes in life we get so caught up in the ‘busy’. We are plugged into so much. And I am so guilty of it!!! I’m working hard to live in the moment, savor the details. I want to be present. I don’t want to waste any of this valuable time I have. I want my memories to be strong and their memories to be happy.

Blue nails as a reward for letting mom trim them!

Built a fort!

When my daughter crawls in the sink as I’m putting on my make up, I share in her giggles. When my son needs help zipping his coat, I grab the extra hug. I pack a love note in my husband lunch box. And I hold that baby all day long. We dance in the kitchen and make “turkey sandwiches” out of mom, dad, and kiddo in the middle. Enjoy each moment. Love each step and stage. Tell them. Touch them. Hold them. Never let them forget.

Silly faces

Every night growing up my dad would tell me, “I love you all day and all night, everyday and every night, forever and ever”. I tell my own babies this. I am loved. They are loved.
Share your love.
Happy Harvesting,

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