What’s right?

Recently I’ve spent ALOT of time trying to figure out this family of five thing. My husband has a pretty demanding job that includes alot of responsibility. He also farms. This takes alot of time. Plus there is the every day needs of a family. The dinner to make, the laundry to wash and the toys to put away. And most important, the time my babies need. They need snuggles and tickles and kisses and love. Lots of love.
So I’ve decided to quit my job. I currently work a full time position, 40 miles from my home. By the time we get home its dinner then bed time. Our weekends are spent trying to play catch up. It’s not worth it.

Preschool registration. This momma isn't ready, but this boy was pretty excited

My time with my kids is too valuable. We might never get to Disney world. We may only have second hand clothes. Dinners out might be limited. But I’m going to know my kids. And they are going to have a life time of memories with their mom and dad, their family together.

Snuggles needed tonight from my babies. So much love right here!

I’m going to be present for the first day of school, tee ball practice and the school play. I will be present.
I was starting to wonder if this whole thing is crazy. Then I did the chores tonight, which my husband usually does, and realized how much my three year old knows about the farm. He’s growing up so fast! After dinner he wanted his jammies on and snuggles. He’s not going to want to crawl up on my lap much longer. It was the perfect reminder that everything I do for them is the right choice. Every sacrifice will pay off. I’m so blessed to have this amazing family.

The only time all three have ever been snuggly at the same time. And likely the last...

Thank you to my husband for continuing to support us. Your strength and leadership for our family are the greatest gifts I’ve ever been given. Thank you for being a loving husband and caring father. We love you forever and always!
Happy Harvesting,

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