It’s coming!

Just wanted to share a happy little post about spring on the farm. It’s coming!! It will be here soon! We were able to get outside and play today. I even had the windows open for a bit. Feels so good. On this farm spring means calves, foals and chicks. We are expecting a foal in about a month, and the calves should start shortly after that. We will incubate eggs this year, so we’re preparing our chickens and their coop for that too. Spring also means lots of mud… Atleast I tell myself that’s what it is 🙂 We hope you are enjoying the coming of spring too!
Happy Harvesting,

Kids on the farm
The beasts sunning themselves
The lions are out too!



How else would you transport the eggs than in a wagon?


Cozy little polar bear

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  1. I forgot you have ‘Lions’ they look so fluffy!!!!! And your little polar bear melts my heart. Love your blog Leah

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