Indulgent Why

Have you ever gotten to a point in your life when you feel like you can see your path, you know your direction? You’ve got a handle on life and things are figured out? Yea… I’m not there. I haven’t been there for a LONG time. About five years ago I thought I was getting close to that point, then this boy started hanging around… oh boys. (sigh) We got married, I moved to the middle-of-no-where Iowa, became a farmer’s wife, had three babies and lost sight of all the goals I once had replacing them with a brand new view on life.

Swings are our favorite!

My goals have changed. My priorities are different. My directions have gotten mixed up.

I’m now five years into this ultimate journey. I call it ultimate because it is MY family (the one I created) and a way of life that I’m rooted in until the end. I’m living my happily every after, even if it isn’t always so happy.

I’ve needed to rethink every thing I’ve ever thunk 🙂 I needed a new path.

Recently, I started a coaching program based on women in business.I’m only 2 weeks into the 6 and it’s already been remarkable in opening my way of thinking. I’m working through finding my passion, to find my purpose, to find my vision and what I want in life.

My priority is my family, both in providing for their physical needs but more so their emotional, mental and spiritual needs. I want to be there for the important parts of their lives, from football games to spelling tests and first dances. I want to be present for a lifetime of memories, little and big. But I also need to be fulfilled beyond my family. I need to have self-worth and freedome. I need to be creative and creating. I need to be giving and needed. I must be able to balance work, family, play and passion.

As part of an assignment I was asked to find my ‘Indulgent Why.’ This is what makes me do what I do so I can have what I want. My Indulgent Why is BALANCE. I want to have it all. And I can… eventually. It’s still a process. I’m learning everyday what works and what doesn’t.

My beautiful model helping Mommy create unique advertising!

Today, I’m focusing on my Paparazzi business- a direct sales endeavor selling beautiful jewelry for $5. I would love for you to come and take a look.

Click HERE to check it out!

Down the road I have bigger plans that I’m still working out. I’m learning now to make big things happen. I have goals made and goals in the process. I want you along for the ride.

Happy Harvesting,


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