Into the Universe

Sometimes you just have to put it out there. Into the universe. Let the world know what’s up. 

Rolling hills of Iowa
Intentions. Goals. Plans. Ideas. Passion.

It’s the question that both haunts me and motivates me: What are you doing with your life? 

There are the obvious answers; mom, wife, homemaker, farmer (kinda), employee, business owner. 

But what am I DOING??? 

I’m making small steps. And I’m living while I do it. I’ve recently come to the revelation that I would love to own a small tea shop. A place to come for a sweet treat or light lunch that was filled with art and crafts and music and life and people overflowing with passion. Now this plan is many years away. I have babies to raise and money to save before it becomes a reality. But I’m starting. I’m taking the steps to learn and grow and develop.

So there ya go world, my intentions! Live in this moment, treasure it too. But don’t ever let your roots hold back your wings. My roots are ground deep. And my wings are still small. But I’m growing.
I hope you will join me in this journey. I’m going to need ideas, advice, input and someone to test my recipes. Come with me. 

What is the passion, idea, goal that seems so big now but yet something you WILL accomplish??

Happy harvesting,


Sun beams from heaven

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