Stammeyer Farmstead 2018

Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noel, Feliz Navidad!

It is time again, for our annual Christmas letter, a year end report from the Stammeyer Farmstead. It is been another whirlwind of a year, full of excitement, adventure, tears and growth.

For Eli, the year was book ended with hospital visits. Thankfully both planned, routine and went very well. He had tubes put in his ears and his adenoids removed in the early spring, then had a tonsillectomy the week before Thanksgiving. We hope this brings him better rest and a sense of calm. Because he doesn’t really do calm. ever. And it drives his Momma crazy… Along with that, he enjoyed spending many of his day at daycare with his friends and beloved Mama Chris. He continues to love all things farming and whatever Daddy is doing. He has a deep love of music, it is often the only thing that slows him down for a brief moment. Eli spent many summer hours enjoying the sandbox and riding the tractor with Daddy and Grandpa Joe. He’s growing like a weed and wickedly funny. We love him best.

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Charlotte had a big year. She celebrated her birthday in March with a fun “girls trip,” with her Mom, Aunt, cousin, and friends. It was great fun, and Char enjoys everything “girl.” Charlotte had a great summer enjoying alot of ice cream and time with her babies and barbies. The fall brought the largest change for Miss Char as she started pre-school/4K. She LOVES school and her teacher. She regularly cries on the days that she doesn’t go. She is learning so much and we are so proud of the friendships she is creating and the leadership roles she takes on. She’s a mama bear, caring for her brothers and often has a better grasp on the day-to-day life then anyone else in the family. She’s our little elephant, with a memory like no other. Her strong willed and independent nature shined through on Halloween, when she reviewed all the costume options and chose to go as Lettie Lutz, the bearded lady, because she likes to sing and be a friend to everyone. We love her best.

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Josiah continued officially left “little boy” life behind and grew into a “big boy.” No more baby here! (And this momma’s heart can hardly handle it!). Josiah’s big adventures of the year revolve around water. In the spring semester, Josiah’s class made weekly visits to Luther college, where he got to go swimming every-other-week. He then joined the local swim team during the summer, along with many trips to the lake, water park, and swimming pool. He has grown so much in Kindergarten this year, loving his teachers and building great friendships. He is still our homebody, loving his farm, animals and home. We love him best.

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Ross continues to be the hardest working person I know. He completed his 10th anniversary at Holden Farms Inc., driving semi. He also manages our cows, heifers, calves and bull, horses and other animals while tending to the hay fields. He fit in several home repair and improvement projects that his wife requested and even got a new four-wheeler (because the other died…). It’s easy to see where our kids get their “never-stop” energy, it’s from their daddy! He provides a great life for his family and we love him best.

I continue to work for TASC, inc., an organization working with adults with disabilities. I started the year taking on a new, full-time position, and did so until November, when I let go of some hours to go back to part time. I’m thrilled with this changes that allows a better balance for my work life, family balance and mental health. Along with our many family adventures, I also enjoyed a very special weekend with my sister and lifelong friends in late summer. It was filled with so much laughter and fun.

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Big family adventures this year included a trip to Madison, time in Waupaca on the lake, Bemis campout, a reunion of the Nelson family (my mom’s side) that included my Australian cousins, and a stay-cation before school started. We also finished our big deck project (check it all out HERE).

We’ve been blessed with good health, good friends, and a great family. Follow along with what we are doing all year long on our family facebook page, Stammeyer Farmstead. We never stay still for long, always dreaming and doing.

We wish you the happiest of holidays, and greatest blessing for your new year. And please, come visit the farm, we have a spot just for you!!

Happy Harvesting,

the Stammeyers

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