Summertime Boredom Busters

Having a five and a half month summer has been both wonderful and crazy. Three young kiddos at home has given me lots of challenges including how to keep away the dreaded cases of boredom. My kids are pretty good at entertaining themselves and having a farm gives them lots of trouble to get into. But I wanted to share a few of my favorite ways to occupy their time.

Games are always fun, especially these days when we’re spending a lot of time in the house together. With young school aged kids, we’ve enjoyed these two games that all can play. My husband and I both like to play games with the kids that still keep us interested and engaged and aren’t Candy Land… Rummikub is a fun matching style game that takes thinking outside the obvious to find the quickest way to lay down all your tiles. Rack-o is a fun number sequencing game, GREAT for our Kindergartener and First Grader!

Two of our favorite summer activities include swimming and baseball! We have a small pool in our yard and my kids have enjoyed these diving toys. I liked the variety, giving a little something for everyone. The pack included rings, sharks and treasure! With baseball being a little strange this year, we weren’t ready to sign up for little league. I got this baseball tee so the kids could keep playing. I like that it is easily adjustable and rubber so it could take a beating. These have led to hours of fun!

I don’t know about your kids, but my crew are “do-ers.” They are active and always moving. And I mean ALWAYS! I got my oldest son this pogo ball to help relieve some energy when cooped up inside. It was amazing to see how quickly he picked it up. I love how it builds both his balance and core strength. The fun colors are also a plus. My boys love a good nerf-war fight. I am all for it when appropriately dressed. This fun vest set came with extra darts, head scarf and protective eye wear. It makes for a pretty tough looking kid!

If you are like me, you use those screen devices for a little reprieve every now and then. Plugging the kids in gives me a chance for a minute of quite. I purchased a set of headphones for each of my kids and they really like how comfortable they are, and with lots of different color options it’s easy to tell which headset belongs to which person. Now my problem is we only have one tablet and three kids! To help manage the noise and keep everyone happy I found this three-way headphone splitter. Everyone can hear, except for mom! Wonderful news!

And last but not least, I know I have recommended these before, but I REALLY like them SO much, I’m sharing them again! These hair crayons are so fun, easy to use and entertaining!! The kids love and they have LASTED so long through A LOT of use!!

These are just a few of my favorite summer time goodies for my kiddos! What have you been loving during this season of home-stay?!

Happy Harvesting,

Disclaimer: In the name of full transparency, please be aware that this blog post contains affiliate links and any purchases made through such links will result in a small commission for me (at no extra cost for you). Thank you!

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