Mother’s Day Gift

Happy Belated Mother's day to all the momma's out there! Including step-moms, fur-baby moms, and women who are a mom to someone with or without blood relation! I for one had a beautiful day. I received breakfast in bed with a hand made card from my little ones (dad helped a little!) I also received... Continue Reading →

My Hero

Recently I wrote about my adventure of running out of gas. Well, it didn't happen again, but I did have another problem. I thought I lost my keys on the way to the car. I swore I had taken them off the hook, then when I got in the car they were gone. I thought... Continue Reading →

Got Gas?

Last night I was struggling to decide what I wanted to post about today. Nothing was coming to me! And then on my way to work this morning I had an epiphany. Here's how it went... Yesterday, my gas light came on in my car. I've had the gas light come on in my car... Continue Reading →

Chasing Cows

So this morning was a special one. My son had gotten up in the middle of the night and crawled into bed with my husband and I. Thankfully, he is pleasant to sleep with. He snuggles close but isn't obnoxious and stays with his head on the pillow and feet toward the end of the... Continue Reading →

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