My Hero

Recently I wrote about my adventure of running out of gas. Well, it didn’t happen again, but I did have another problem. I thought I lost my keys on the way to the car. I swore I had taken them off the hook, then when I got in the car they were gone. I thought I might have set them down and my son placed them somewhere. I turned the car inside out and the house up-side-down. I called my husband to find out where the spare key was. It was at his shop, 6 miles away, where he wasn’t! Then my father-in-law, Joe, showed up. Last week he brought me gas, this week he drove to my husband’s work and got the spare keys. He’s my hero.

I’m so very lucky to have this wonderful man in my life I must gloat a bit. When you first meet Joe, you’re likely to think he’s a gruff, rough-around-the-edges, grumpy old farmer. These thoughts aren’t completely off. However, there is a lot more there as well. He is a hard working man who would do anything for his kids and grand-kids. He loves having his family close by. He loved his wife with his whole heart.
This is the man who grumbles about my cooking, but never leaves anything on his plate and always takes leftovers home. He pretend he’s always so busy, yet when he knows I’m home he always happens to stop by. He comes to church when I sing, even though he hasn’t been in years. He is always willing to come let the dogs out and feed the chickens when we are away. He “finds” things in his house or at auctions that happen to be exactly what I’m looking for. He never misses a family celebration.

I can’t even begin to describe the amazing bond he has with my son. They are very best friends. Josiah cries and throws a huge fit if Grandpa is outside and he can’t be. Grandpa is always good for a cookie, or sip of soda or some other treat that mom won’t give you. Grandpa doesn’t like to hear Josiah cry, so he will let him come out of time out early, or just doesn’t make him go in the first place. Grandpa will take you to go pet the cows and horses and whatever else is around. And if Grandpa is on the tractor, Josiah is likely sitting on his lap. I worry sometimes about how my little girl will soon have her Grandpa wrapped around her little finger… those three together are going to be trouble!grandpa&jo

I never had the pleasure of meeting Ross’s mother. She passed away from cancer just a few months before we met. But I know what kind of woman she was, because I know of the great men she surrounded herself with.myboys

Blessed is not nearly a strong enough word to describe my father-in-law. I love you Joe, more then you could possibly ever know!

Happy Harvesting,



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