Date Night Challenge; date #2

      On a recent Wednesday, after a rough day, Ross informed me that on Saturday we would be going on our second date of our date night challenge. I was, first, surprised he remembered anything about it, and second, excited to see what he would come up with. He worked hard to keep it a... Continue Reading →

Date Night #1

This past weekend my wonderful and amazing in-laws took our children for the weekend (along with their own two and a newborn foster baby! WOW!) It was SUCH a blessing. Ross and I have really been needing some time to reconnect and remember why we enjoy each other. On Friday, Ross was able to go... Continue Reading →

Date Night Challenge

Taking a ride on my Aunt & Uncle's SpiderSo last night my husband and I were watching "Celebrity Wife Swap" and they were talking about going on a romantic date. My husband and I both tried coming up with ideas that would be the perfect date for the other. We both came up with a... Continue Reading →

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