Date Night Challenge

wpid-2012-06-03_18-39-14_757.jpgTaking a ride on my Aunt & Uncle’s Spider

So last night my husband and I were watching “Celebrity Wife Swap” and they were talking about going on a romantic date. My husband and I both tried coming up with ideas that would be the perfect date for the other. We both came up with a few good ideas and a few bad ones. This led us to come up with our own Date Night Challenge.

With two little ones at home, and the business of running a farm and working we too often fall into a routine of ‘get-it-done.’ We loose our connection. And then when we do get time for just the two of us its often to see a movie, or we just talk about the kids and farm and bills and not each other. Marriage (or any relationship for that matter) takes work. You have to invest time into one another. You have to really listen and really open up. Communication is key.

So Ross and I decided that over the summer months we are going to go on four special dates. Each of us has to plan (entirely!) two dates. One date is planned with things that I would like and the other planned for things Ross would like. Also, at least part of the date has to be something new for us. This means, no movies and no Don Jose (the Mexican restaurant that we frequent… frequently).

wpid-20130526_160240.jpgDate night to see Les Miserable at our local community theater

We are putting these dates on the calendar now, so that we can’t get too busy for them and can’t back out. We are also putting special money aside for them now so we don’t change plans because we don’t have the money.

I haven’t decided completely what I want to do for my dates but some ideas I have now are as follows: For the “Leah” date- Pilates in the park, cooking class, farmer’s market or maybe an art class of some sort. For the “Ross” date- rock climbing, going to a car race or go cart racing, going hiking, building something. I’ll keep you posted as we go on our dates.

Now I challenge you!! Join us on our Date Night Challenge. Tell me what helps you and your significant other reconnect and stay in-tuned to one another. Let me know!

Happy Harvesting,


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