Date Night #1

This past weekend my wonderful and amazing in-laws took our children for the weekend (along with their own two and a newborn foster baby! WOW!) It was SUCH a blessing. Ross and I have really been needing some time to reconnect and remember why we enjoy each other. On Friday, Ross was able to go golfing, and I have some much needed alone time followed by dinner and a movie out then back home for a fire and star gazing. It was an absolutely beautiful evening!fire

On Saturday, after sleeping in and being slow getting up with breakfast of cinnamon rolls we started our day. Ross headed to an auction with his dad and I got to folding laundry. I called my mom to say how relaxing folding laundry and doing house work was when I was doing it at my own pace and not fighting a toddler or listening to a crying baby the whole time!

In the afternoon, Ross and I went on the first of our Date Night Challenges. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read about it HERE!

This date was planned by me, for me. I know this sounds selfish, but it was all I could get arranged. I have several ideas for what I’d like to do for Ross, but none of them have worked out yet. So anyway… We took our date it downtown Decorah. I’d been wanting to do a little exploring their anyway and this was a great excuse.

We started our day with Foot Revival Massages at Day Spring Spa. Neither of us had been their before, and Ross has never had any kind of massage. We both left feeling that the only disappointment of this place was that we didn’t get full body massages!! So relaxing! And the spa is beautiful. We both had very skilled masseurs, plus the prices were very reasonable. If you ever get the opportunity to experience Day Spring Spa, DO IT!!!dayspringspafeet

Next, we headed to La Rana, a small bistro for lunch. This place had come highly recommend and we both enjoyed our meals greatly. Ross had a BLT with cauliflower cheese soup and I had a corn, bacon & red pepper quiche with tomato basil soup. It was very yummy. And, the waitress gave Ross a nice tattoo with her pen so our drinks were free šŸ™‚ Don’t worry, Ross hardly even noticed that he had been inked and we had a good chuckle out of it. This was another place I would definitely go back too.Ā laranalunch20140621_152238

Next, we traveled down the block to The Clay Studio. Another, super cute, super neat place! This studio gives patrons an opportunity to make their own clay pieces, learn to throw clay on the wheel and/or paint pre-made pottery pieces. I picked out a small flower bowl to paint for Charlotte and Ross found a little truck for Josiah. We also painted a bowl that we are planning to use as our family blessing bowl. I’ll write more about how we plan to use this once we get them back. I found the painting very relaxing. Ross had a bit more difficulty because his truck had alot of small areas that were difficult to get painted. But I think he did a great job! I’m excited to get all our pieces back!clay1clay2clay3clay4

We ended our date by walking the main street of downtown and stopping at The Sugar Bowl for some ice cream. I had a chocolate-brownie-carmel creation that was heavenly! Ross had a chocolate malt that was also very good. I helped him eat it šŸ™‚sugarbowlicecream

It was such a fun afternoon trying new things and spending time with my favorite person. It was nice to simply focus all my attention on him. My husband is a great man and deserves special attention every now and then!

When we got home, Ross had to go chase our bull out of the neighbor’s cows and I still had laundry to fold. Our little date time seemed to slip away again all to quickly. But we will have those special memories for a life time!

Ross is planning something for us next and I’m excited to see what he comes up with!

Have any of you done anything special with your significant others lately?? Let me know!

Happy Harvesting,


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