Weigh-in Wednesday: Egg Salad

It's been a few weeks since I did a Weigh-In Wednesday on an actual Wednesday! So here is a little recipe for my Egg Salad. Being as we have chickens that give us LOTS of eggs, I try to make atleast one egg-based meal a week. I'm a big fan of this one! Start with... Continue Reading →


Weight-in Wednesday- Banana Bread Pancakes

Y'all... This COULD NOT wait for Wednesday!! Last night I noticed I had several bananas that were coming to the end of their life. If I waited another day they would be chicken food for sure. So I had to do something with them. I started looking up banana bread recipes. I love banana bread.... Continue Reading →

Weight-in Wednesday- Lasgana

Hey y'all... so I'm a day late with my weight-in Wednesday, I hope you'll forgive me! Last night we had the great honor of watching our oldest niece be baptized. Although she was baptized as an infant, her church offers adult baptism and she chose to be baptized, to live her life in Christ. Pretty... Continue Reading →

Weigh-In Wednesday; Sushi

It's Wednesday folks, that means weigh-in day! For those of you who didn't read last week's post about Turkey Asparagus Casserole you should probably hop on over and check it out. I talked a little bit about how I've joined Weight Watchers to get me going on the healthly-living track! Let's just saying it's goin...... Continue Reading →

Turkey Asparagus Casserole

So to preface this post... I have had two children in the past 20 months. And before that my shape was less "IN" and more "ROUND." Thus it is time to get my butt in gear and make some changes. My bff and I started Weight Watchers and I'm trying to stay motivated. You see,... Continue Reading →

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