Weigh-In Wednesday; Sushi

It’s Wednesday folks, that means weigh-in day! For those of you who didn’t read last week’s post about Turkey Asparagus Casserole you should probably hop on over and check it out. I talked a little bit about how I’ve joined Weight Watchers to get me going on the healthly-living track! Let’s just saying it’s goin… But I’m getting better. This week I was completely craving sushi. You might find this hard to believe, but in our small, Iowa town there isn’t a great sushi place. I know, shocking. Lucky for me, I have a very dear friend who taught me how to make sushi last summer. I was pregnant and so sick at the time, I never tried making it on my own until now! I’m so proud of how it turned out. I could have eaten 100 rolls, promise!

I used the site MakeMySushi.com to help me along the way. It was a great help! I also was able to purchase all the ingredients I needed at Wal-Mart. Sushi3

First I had to make the sushi rice. I’m not a fantastic rice cooker… so I was quite nervous about this part. However, it was very easy and turned out just right. The directions on MakeMySushi were very easy to follow.

I used crab and cucumbers in mine. I was going to put avocado in it too, but the one I bought was a bit…hard. Like a rock. Note to self: look up how to pick the perfect avocado! Any way, I laid out my nori, then put on some rice, a cucumber slice and piece of crab, rolled it up and voila! Dipped it in some soy sauce and it might as well have been Disney World, it was that good! Ok… maybe not Disney World, but it was really good.sushi2

I ate it for lunch yesterday too. And will probably make it again for lunch today! My husband isn’t a huge fan, which is good because then their is more for me. These mini rolls are only 4 points a piece. They would make a great snack or appetizer too!sushi1

Happy Harvesting,


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