Love vs. Lust

Today during nap time I was watching "The View". (Yes, our nap time is at 10:00 in the morning because we get up at 4:30...) They had a segment called 'love or lust'. The attention getting line was that a relationship should be based on lust not love. I thought I'd weigh in. As I... Continue Reading →

Filling a Family

Sometimes God puts people in you life that you aren't sure why they have a presence there. People that cause you to struggle or become frustrated or just plain not enjoy life. But then there are time when those people come back, God only knows the reason why, and change you. I had a person... Continue Reading →

Date Night Challenge; date #2

      On a recent Wednesday, after a rough day, Ross informed me that on Saturday we would be going on our second date of our date night challenge. I was, first, surprised he remembered anything about it, and second, excited to see what he would come up with. He worked hard to keep it a... Continue Reading →

Father’s Day Weekend

Last weekend was Father's Day. I must start with saying how incredibly blessed I am to have such an amazing Father. He has taught be so much in life, with the greatest lesson being how to love unconditionally. Thank you for being my Dad. I love you every day and every night, all day and... Continue Reading →

Date Night Challenge

Taking a ride on my Aunt & Uncle's SpiderSo last night my husband and I were watching "Celebrity Wife Swap" and they were talking about going on a romantic date. My husband and I both tried coming up with ideas that would be the perfect date for the other. We both came up with a... Continue Reading →

My Husband

Warning... Sappy Post Ahead! I must just take a few moments to gloat about my husband. This man, this wonderful, wonderful man who completes me in every way. Let's start from the beginning...Ross & I met online. Go ahead, judge. I do! But, there was something great working there. A higher power that told Ross... Continue Reading →

My Hero

Recently I wrote about my adventure of running out of gas. Well, it didn't happen again, but I did have another problem. I thought I lost my keys on the way to the car. I swore I had taken them off the hook, then when I got in the car they were gone. I thought... Continue Reading →

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