At The Lake


Two weeks ago, my little family, my parents and my sister, her boyfriend & my niece traveled to mid-eastern Wisconsin for a week on the lake. There is something about a lake that brings me great peace. I can’t lie however, being on a lake with an almost two year old and a 5 month old is alot LESS relaxing then in previous years. But great fun was had by all. Josiah LOVED the water, almost as much as he LOVED having so much attention from his Nana, Babaa, KK (Aunt KK), Rick (Hi Rick!) and Ah-EE (Cousin Ellie). He also was a big fan of lots of snacks and treats. Charlotte also received lots of snuggles which she paid back with lots of smiles. If this week is a foretelling of the future, she’s going to be a diva with the way she loved to lay in her floaty. And Ross got to go golfing with the boys and fishing off the dock. My favorite part was not being sick! Last year, I had terrible morning sickness which made if very hard to enjoy anything, let alone the waves of the water.

wpid-img_20140814_201750198.jpg wpid-img_141173324347497.jpeg wpid-img_141179198262189.jpeg wpid-img_141170089306958.jpeg wpid-img_141151612063420.jpeg wpid-img_141135344023958.jpeg  wpid-img_141132342146420.jpeg wpid-img_141127798588804.jpeg

Now it’s back to work and a new job!

Happy Harvesting,


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