Self-Care in Creativity

Self-Care has become such a hot topic and for good reason. Our society pushes us into lives that are ever increasing in the busy, the bustle, the to-do, the obligations, the yes. And yet, our bodies crave reprieve and recharge. We must have rest. We must find a space to discover renewal.

A quick google search will find you list upon list of suggestions on self-care. Ideas include doing a face mask, eating a healthy snack, getting exercise and learning to say “no.” All of these are wonderful ideas. But in my life, I find most of these to simply put a band-aid on an often deeper issue. In my life, I need something that digs deeper into my soul then a massage or foot rub.

A recent fortune… the universe agrees!

One thing I need to find rejuvenation is creative expression. I’m not the most artistic, but I need something that allows my emotional journey to be outwardly expressed. Making my dreams and thoughts into a tangible and physical presence.

I often choose words to express my creativity. Sometimes I craft or paint. Sometimes I create graphics or banners for social media. Sometimes it’s coming up with new ideas for others that gets my juices flowing. I dive into those thoughts, turning and spinning them until I have found the right combination for the job. Creativity cannot be put in a box. There are not expectations on radical thinking. When I create something it is exactly what I need it to be. No one gets to decide if it’s right or wrong, correct or incorrect. It’s just me. Sharing me. For me.

Creativity is a part of my self-care routine.

Happy Harvesting,


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