Four Gifts of Christmas, Again

I've found I'm repeating many posts from the end of last year, but I like that! I love traditions. I like that I'm able to prove this to myself. We are making these traditions for our family, and making them important! We have continued our Four Gifts with our children throughout the year. The four... Continue Reading →

Getting ready part 2

A while back I wrote on a few holiday projects I had been working on and wanted to update those and add some more! But before I get into all that, we got a little snow today, but the sun in note out and do are the children and animals! So here are a couple... Continue Reading →

B3 is here!

As I recently discussed, I'm a planner. I like to have plans. I also like to make God laugh, and thus try to plan things that are only in his power. Such as the arrival of my children. I never experienced labor with my first two pregnancies. Josiah was born at 39 weeks in a... Continue Reading →


This morning, my son was up before 5am. He was digging through the kitchen looking for Halloween candy until his daddy made him stop. He then did something naughty that landed him in the timeout chair which is located right outside my bedroom. So while I was trying to catch a few more minutes of... Continue Reading →

Changing Times

Well folks, I'm sure you can see it's been awhile since my last post. And by "awhile" I mean a year. Lots has happened. To start, the major reason why I haven't written is due to a new job. It's full-time and a 40 min commute, so that means the time I'm home I'm spending... Continue Reading →

4 Gifts of Christmas

It's the most wonderful time of the year! The snow is falling (or more like ice recently), decorations are up and there is a great sense of anticipation in the air! Christmas is a wonderful time of year. Friends and family gathering to share in yummy treats and fun traditions. And the babies, oh how... Continue Reading →

A little crafty time

On Halloween day there was no school (woohoo!!) so a good friend and her son came to visit the farm. Our boys due dates were exactly a week apart. While neither arrived when they were scheduled to, they are now good buddies. Two two-year-olds...oy! But we had a great time catching up, eating yummy desserts... Continue Reading →


  Howdy Y'all! I just wanted to share a bit about my weekend. I had a GREAT weekend. Don't you love when those happen? When everything just works out. Having our crazy life of work-farm-kids-family-church-stuff, it often happens that we are just to busy to enjoy. But this weekend, I got to enjoy and it... Continue Reading →

A day to remember

As I sat in my freshman English class, in a room filled with people I was still getting to know, my life, our lives changed forever. I remember the day so vividly. It was between classes and the teacher from the next room came in and told us to turn on our T.V. We watched... Continue Reading →

Rain Days & New Trails

Last week I started a new position at the High School as a para. I'm still learning what this all means, but it's going to be a great adventure! Did you know that they let out school for heat?? That never happened in Wisconsin 🙂 (They also start two weeks earlier here).  Because my back... Continue Reading →

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