Madison Wedding

This happened quite a while back, but I'm just getting caught up on my writing! Between kids (yes, that is ALWAYS a valid excuse), vacations, ending and starting a new job, and end of summer chores, the writing has been pushed to the back. But hopefully my schedule will even out quickly and I can... Continue Reading →

At The Lake

Two weeks ago, my little family, my parents and my sister, her boyfriend & my niece traveled to mid-eastern Wisconsin for a week on the lake. There is something about a lake that brings me great peace. I can't lie however, being on a lake with an almost two year old and a 5 month... Continue Reading →

Bittersweet Days

The last couple of days have been full of bittersweet events. Sad goodbyes, happy hellos, new adventures and time with and away from loved ones. On Wednesday I said goodbye to to my position as secretary at my church. This job has opened so many doors to me relationships for me. I have been able... Continue Reading →

A list of good things

This past week had a few more frustrating moments then I like to have. Nothing major, just small things, but they were adding up fast. So as it is Monday, a new week, a new beginning I want to review some of the GOOD moments of the last couple days. Start fresh with a happy... Continue Reading →

I’m Still Here

I've been asked lately "Where is your blog?" What an honor to be asked! I'm still here! So I'm working to get a couple of posts ready for the next few days. They will include a family camping trip with an exploration into Aquaponics, a review of a few books I've recently read, a family... Continue Reading →

Father’s Day Weekend

Last weekend was Father's Day. I must start with saying how incredibly blessed I am to have such an amazing Father. He has taught be so much in life, with the greatest lesson being how to love unconditionally. Thank you for being my Dad. I love you every day and every night, all day and... Continue Reading →

Lug Nuts & Look-A-Likes

Last night Ross was working on my car. It needed two new struts. He told me what that means... but I forgot. I just know that he ordered the parts online and they were way cheaper then buying them from the car store and I liked that. anyway... He had to take the tire off,... Continue Reading →

Sunshine for my soul

Good Morning Friends! Happy Monday... I think... Monday is hard for me simply because I miss my family that I got to be with all weekend. We had a low key weekend yet it still was full. Do you ever have that? My parents came to visit and Grandpa Joe was down quite a bit,... Continue Reading →

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