Rain Days & New Trails

Last week I started a new position at the High School as a para. I'm still learning what this all means, but it's going to be a great adventure! Did you know that they let out school for heat?? That never happened in Wisconsin 🙂 (They also start two weeks earlier here).  Because my back... Continue Reading →

Madison Wedding

This happened quite a while back, but I'm just getting caught up on my writing! Between kids (yes, that is ALWAYS a valid excuse), vacations, ending and starting a new job, and end of summer chores, the writing has been pushed to the back. But hopefully my schedule will even out quickly and I can... Continue Reading →

At The Lake

Two weeks ago, my little family, my parents and my sister, her boyfriend & my niece traveled to mid-eastern Wisconsin for a week on the lake. There is something about a lake that brings me great peace. I can't lie however, being on a lake with an almost two year old and a 5 month... Continue Reading →

Bittersweet Days

The last couple of days have been full of bittersweet events. Sad goodbyes, happy hellos, new adventures and time with and away from loved ones. On Wednesday I said goodbye to to my position as secretary at my church. This job has opened so many doors to me relationships for me. I have been able... Continue Reading →

A list of good things

This past week had a few more frustrating moments then I like to have. Nothing major, just small things, but they were adding up fast. So as it is Monday, a new week, a new beginning I want to review some of the GOOD moments of the last couple days. Start fresh with a happy... Continue Reading →

I’m Still Here

I've been asked lately "Where is your blog?" What an honor to be asked! I'm still here! So I'm working to get a couple of posts ready for the next few days. They will include a family camping trip with an exploration into Aquaponics, a review of a few books I've recently read, a family... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the family Charlotte!

On Sunday, June 8th we welcomed our beautiful daughter into the family. Yes, she is three months old, but it wasn't the physical family we welcomed her to, but the family of Christ. We are so blessed to have been granted the gift of grace through Jesus' ultimate sacrifice. Becoming a parent has totally changed... Continue Reading →

Father’s Day Weekend

Last weekend was Father's Day. I must start with saying how incredibly blessed I am to have such an amazing Father. He has taught be so much in life, with the greatest lesson being how to love unconditionally. Thank you for being my Dad. I love you every day and every night, all day and... Continue Reading →

Lug Nuts & Look-A-Likes

Last night Ross was working on my car. It needed two new struts. He told me what that means... but I forgot. I just know that he ordered the parts online and they were way cheaper then buying them from the car store and I liked that. anyway... He had to take the tire off,... Continue Reading →

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